• Collaborate with your team in real-time
  • Track sales with our CRM tools
  • Schedule meetings and callbacks
  • Share files and post comments
  • Stay on top of tasks and milestones
  • See what your coworkers are working on
  • Unlock rewards for your company
  • Make productivity fun with game dynamics
  • The rise of social gaming has been nothing short of breathtaking. It’s mind boggling how many hours people are willing to devote to tending their virtual plantations on Farmville without a dime of real compensation to show for it. So why in an economy with 10% unemployment is social gaming still captivating millions of users? Two factors seem to stand out. Social gaming is both 1) socially rewarding and 2) addictive. The social pressure of competing to build your virtual empire combined with the addictive nature of the game dynamics themselves meld into a powerfully intoxicating mix that drives hours and hours of engagement. So why can’t these game…
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